Club Information


Anyone can become a member of the club. Membership form must be completed and handed in a desk on a club night along with yearly fee. Juniors, Students and Concessions £30 per year. Senior membership £40 per year and Family membership is £60 per year. Membership is renewed on an annual basis each year. Please fill in the form and hand in with fee to renew membership. As a member, you are bound by the club constitution and regulations.

membership forms

Club sessions cost £8 per session this goes towards the cost of the ice that the club is charged.

If you use the club every session you will be cheaper to pay by direct debt at £48 per month.

standing order form


Constitution and Regulations

The club is bound by the Constitution of the club, this was made when the club was first formed and can only be changed at the AGM or a Special General Meeting. We also have a set of Regulations that help the running of the club nights. The AGM is held each year during November on a Sunday.



Fund Raising Events

Please See Events Page.